1. An inside job

How did we ever get into a banking crisis?  And did ‘we’ really get into one? Or did some coke sniffing whore humping jetplane hoarding egomaniacs and brainiacs get us into it? You’ll find out here.

2. Dear America ::  Letters home from Vietnam

I was absolutely spell-bound when I first watched this as a little boy. Nowhere does the human suffering of the war, at least on the American side, come to live in a more vivid, touching, even endearing way than through these letters. Read by famous actors. And the music, o the music…

3.  Zeitgeist trilogy

These three movies taught me more about religion, politics and economy than my shabby high school ever could. We are being fucked up our asses every fucking days of our lives. Here is how and why. And what to do about it.

4. A Culture in Decline

Ok, Peter Joseph cuts away at our society with a razor sharp scalpel. Want to know why you suffer from anxiety, compulsive buying, stress, addiction and never feel satisfied? Watch the series. Ignore the bits with the lame humor, the message is well worth it.

5. George Carlin coughs nails in your face

Right, it’s not an actual documentary, yet it teaches you more than most documentaries ever will. He rams his message home, burns like a torch on his stage, he’s all rage, and pours his comedy acid over the habitual ignorance of the human herd.  He hates you, but you’ll forgive him, he’s hypnotic while he’s covering you in his bile.