#thrive & End Depression

We're hit with a global economical, systemic & moral depression. This website squeezes a daily drop in the bucket to bring positive change. What to expect? Posts about Pressing matters such as * Psychotherapy * Politics * Progressive views * authentic People * Psychology * Pivotal moments in history * Practical advice to #thrive * initiative to end Poverty * Pedagogy * human Progress * Live from booming Bratislava!

Watch Us Build A Business

donkichod na koni_800_600Or Go Broke. On this blog you will have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of a young independent media house, called Donkichod. We are starting out from scratch, we have the vision, but we lack experience, knowledge, tools, connections, basically anything else that’s needed to build a business! That’s why we named ourselves after the famous Don Quichot character in Cervantes’ novel. Yes, it’s going to be an uphill battle. We are chaotic dreamers who are trying to become practical, FOCUSSED people who get stuff done. We could be in for a rough ride…

Here you will hopefully see us grow, find out what inspires us, what we want to accomplish, how we gradually get clearer about what we do, and perhaps you’ll learn from our mistakes, breakthroughs, etc.

We promise to have a daily update, and we will try to both entertain you ánd offer you value that can have a positive impact on your life, fuel your ambition, etc.

As we are tired of the artificially groomed social media posts of many fashion blogs and cooking websites, we hope to offer something authentic about things that matter. So, don’t expect the best layout, bright shiny videos or photoshopped pictures, all we are offering is our authentic story. In the hope that it will make your own journey easier and more fun. And perhaps we can join hands and travel together.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, get in touch!

Live an authentic day,

Take care, and as we say in Slovak, maj sa pekne,


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