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Hi, pleased to meet you. We are PEP. We are a multinational team of people who are passionate about Psychology, Economics and Politics (PEP). Every day we post articles on this topic to help you thrive in a very complicated, challenging and often confusing world. In our team you can find a psychologist, a publisher, a journalist, a pedagogist, a retired nurse, an English teacher, a yoga teacher, writers, thinkers, etc. We are doing all we can to build a world with more justice, gender equality, a moral economy, more empathy, a better understanding of the causes of addiction, poverty, mental illness, war, geopolitics and current events.

Apart from this website we run a Publishing House, called Donkichod, inspired by the character of Don Qui Chote de la Mancha. We also have our own language school, the Dutch House. Both the publishing house and the school embrace the values of PEP. Our team members are in Belgium, The Netherlands, Vietnam, the United States, Poland, the UK, Slovakia, Austria, The Czech Republic. If you want to contribute an article to PEP send it to rigoreobstinato @

Live an authentic day and thrive! Peppered greetings from Team PEP!

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