#thrive & End Depression

We're hit with a global economical, systemic & moral depression. This website squeezes a daily drop in the bucket to bring positive change. What to expect? Posts about Pressing matters such as * Psychotherapy * Politics * Progressive views * authentic People * Psychology * Pivotal moments in history * Practical advice to #thrive * initiative to end Poverty * Pedagogy * human Progress * Live from booming Bratislava!

What is an Authenticity Diary?


On this blog you can watch us build a business -from scratch- centered around stories, interviews, books, people and the main ingredient, you guessed it, Authenticity. You’ll read the struggles we go through, the challenges we overcome the obstacles we run into, the financial hangovers we might wake up with and on top of that all the fun we are having of course!

We are a small group of friends, husbands and wives and family members eager to run a succesful business. Together we are the founders of the publishing house & theater group DonKiChod, based in Slovakia and the Benelux. This organization aims to create stories that increase empathy in the world and deepen our understanding of society and humanity. We  believe that the dominant stories in society are what make or break us. Our work will be available in English, Dutch and Slovak, as we are trying to build bridges, in spite of trends such as Brexit and the rise of people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The site you are currently on is my Authenticy Diary. I hope my self disclosure fosters your self disclosure. I hope you will give us feedback about what we do, what we try to accomplish. We will openly share our Ups and Downs with you. Hopefully this will inspire you to take more initiative and go chase your dream, just like we are doing. What we’d also love is for you to comment on what we do, tell us what we do well and what we can improve, feel free to ask questions and make suggestions, we can’t do this alone.

We have rolled the concept of an Authenticy Diary into a self-help book. It will soon be available. It’s become quite an internation project, Slovaks, Belgians and even a fantastic lady all the way up in Canada have joined hands to make it real. We are very excited about it. You’ll find out more as you continue to follow this blog.

We have A LOT TO LEARN. Right now, we are definitely not good at marketing, we are not good at building websites, we are sort of good at managing a crowdfunding, but we have zero experience in getting sponsors. We hate to pose for hours to take the perfect selfie, we have little in common with most trendy mainstream stuff, we have to keep our days jobs to stay afloat, and we are working with a tiny budget thanks to very generous people who have funded us, because they want to give eager young people a chance. We are just starting out, we have a very clear idea of where we want to go, but we are not quite sure how to get there. And we need all the help we can get.

We have a long, rocky road ahead of us, but we are real, we are open, we are unapologetically ambitious, we want to create massive value in other people’s lives, and we think our organisation has the potential to thrive and to inspire others.

Our goals are:

-to have a publishing house that creates dozens of new books every year, books that deepen our understanding of society

-to stage several plays a year, with similar messages as to those in the books we publish

-to eventually launch Bratislava Real, something like one of our examples and a huge source of inspiration, London Real

-to promote Slovakia across the globe

-to make at least one documentary of the quality of, say, a mindblowing docu such as Four Horsemen

-to inspire you with our stories, values and constantly evolving view on society and humanity

-to increase your happiness

-to entertain you along the way

What do you think?

Live an authentic day,

Best regards,

William Peynsaert

21st of July 2016
Bratislava, Slovakia

What do you think?

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