Rebel news for empaths trying to survive in a deeply conflicted world. Posts about Psychology, Economics, Politics. Together we can fix this shit.

Read this first

The goals of Project Authenticity aka Bratislava live are:

  • First of all, to help create a better world for everyone, call us naive crusaders if you like, but we want to help build a safer world, with a moral economy, more empathy, more cooperation, less competition, more understanding, more respect, more self-reflection, and less economic depression, less individual depression, in short, more authenticity. We would like to see a world in which people care about the well-being of people first, and only then about profit, entertainment, etc.
  • To weave together a train of thought that tries to give a picture of the state of the world. An ambitious goal in today’s confusing times, but we are giving it our best shot. We will offer views on economy, history politics, every day observations, psychology, we will talk about some books and movies to try and find out who, we, humans are, how our world functions, and how we can thrive as a species
  • to have a publishing house that creates dozens of new books every year, books that deepen our understanding of society
  • to stage several plays a year, with similar messages as to those in the books and the articles we publish
  • to eventually launch Bratislava Live, with video interviews, something like one of our examples and a huge source of inspiration, London Real
  • to promote Slovakia across the globe, since we are based in a booming country that deserves more attention
  • to eventually organise a yearly festival that combines partying with intellectual debates, BratiFiësta
  • to make at least one documentary of the quality of, say, a mindblowing docu such as Four Horsemen
  • to inspire you with our stories, values and constantly evolving view on society and humanity
  • to increase your happiness
  • to entertain you along the way
  • to help you thrive, obviously

Live an authentic day,

Best regards,

Project Authenticity

21st of July 2016
Live from Bratislava, Slovakia


4 thoughts on “Read this first

  1. I applaud your efforts and aims! I am a writer and every day I am attempting to be authentic.

    Looking forward to reading all of these great posts.

    Rebecca Scott Boddie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I mean, that’;s nice and all but…

    ‘Front page or project authenticity: we want to make the world better’.
    Top post : ‘How to tell if a girl is wet’


  3. There are more than 800 posts on this website. Many of those deal with politics and offer alternatives. Unfortunately nobody clicks on those posts. Most people click on those about women and sex. This was quite frustrating at first, but, you know, that’s how people are, without those posts about sex this website would lose most of its traffic, because nobody wants to read a post about how the US and the UK are helping ISIS, at least not on a blog like this. So we write sex shit and hope that some of those readers will also read something else. And we’d rather promote fucking each other’s brains out than see more people bash each other’s brains out. There are other posts that get quite a bit of traffic, like ‘one month in Palestine’, but the sex shit is more popular


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