I’ve been counting.

Over the years I have spent 10,000 euro on books. Maybe more.

They have not brought me happiness. They have been an excuse to not do other things that require much more action and way more courage. Sometimes reorganizing my book shelves has been more pleasant than doing any actual reading.

They take up space.

There are better ways to spend 10.000 euro.

I feel best when I am talking to people I find fascinating. Reading books has been an obstacle to that important side of me.

There is a lot of talk about life changing books, but less than one percent of all the books I have read have had a profound impact on my life.

I thought reading would make me smarter.

I thought reading a lot of books and knowing a lot would make me more attractive to women and more respected by men. It’s all bullshit.

Books have made me more sensitive.

You can guess how helpful that has been in creating a life that fulfils me…