On Friday I got the closest I ever got to suicide and after talking to two dear friends of mine I got to be so tired I was – and you will laugh – too tired to walk to the place where I was planning to do it.

So a revolution…

A revolution against every wrong idea, every wrong value, every sick idea about myself, every harmful thing I have done to myself, every time I distracted myself from what and whom I really want in my life.

Seriously healthy food is going to be part of it. As is getting ripped. No matter how superficial I find our culture’s focus on looks, I know I am not going to get where I want to be in life unless I do it. And it’s actually not that hard. It’s just sticking to the habits that get you there. If I can figure out complex board games I can figure out fitness and a bunch of other stuff that make 21st century life worth living. Ideas I have long been fighting out of… punk ethics. Why do you think am so obsessed with Kurt Cobain, hmmm