For several years now I have regularly been seeing a student who loves to talk about elevators. If everyone would be as passionate about his job as he is this would be the perfect world.

To change the topic from time to time I bring games. But they have to be very fast-paced games with a lot of action, no slowly developing grand strategy games.

He is always super nice and friendly. He rarely asks me a personal question as opposed to almost all my other students. But hey, this is his lesson and he really makes the most out of it.

Over the years I have come to learn a lot about elevators and escalators. I can tell you how long it takes one guy to install a completely new elevator, I know about the most common causes of fatal accidents, I know where they are produced, how the company is organized, something about the history of elevators, the materials used, the legislation involved. Pretty much anything. The technical aspects are still hard for me to understand. Am a humanities guy, unless it involves listening, writing or speaking am pretty useless.

Yes, it is amazing that someone knows so much about the elevator business. Whenever I think he can’t possibly tell me anything new anymore some other aspect comes up.

Flexibility is a huge part of my line of work. After 90 minutes of talking about the elevator business in English I will now go for a walk with a student who prefers to talk about relationships and psychology in German and does ask me plenty of personal questions.

Every class is completely different.

And the William teaching those classes is also very different each time. That’s perhaps the thing that is the strangest to witness.

Ah, this guy is also me. And that guy as well. Oh, yes, and that guy.

At the end of the week I have to ask if the real William can please stand up.

But the real William is a chameleon. Morphing according to what brings me (and my family) security and prosperity.