Pretty much my whole life I have made a big effort to understand women. What they like, what they don’t like. What they think about.

Being an autistic and fanatical sort of person I went all the way. Talked to any woman I could. Hung out with them. Went shopping with them. Read all the books on the subject I could find. Watched all the movies they liked and read some of the books that seemed to grab their attention the most. I practically ‘bathed’ them in my attention.

This is the perfect way to have them think you are their best female friend in a male’s body.

The women who’ve fucked me were probably just into more feminine men or something like that. Generally speaking understanding and actually caring about what women have to say is not a sexually attractive characteristic. It turns out it makes you more like a woman in their eyes than a man.

When it comes to becoming turned on by a person women are only a tiny bit less superficial than men.

It’s a bonus if you do understand them, but that by itself is not going to have them spread their legs for you.

They simply fall for typically masculine traits. This often leads them to sexual relationships with men who don’t understand them and don’t give them the proper attention, but that doesn’t really matter in the end. They will stay in their relationship with the dumb brute who never hugs them. At least he’s always a challenge to them. Maybe one day she will finally ‘deserve’ his hug.

Let’s be fair. I also prefer to penetrate a woman who does not understand me, has no patience with my Civil War obsession rather than a woman who does care about my thoughts, aspirations, traumata, ambitions, desire, but find physically unattractive.

She can’t fuck your PHD, but neither can you fuck hers.

The women who get glued to my mind are the ones with the long shiny hair, the correct waist to hip ratio, the right thighs and the right clothes. If personality was key in my selection of sexual partners I could be having sex with multiple women every week. But just like the women I meet I am a primitive animal. They react to height, dominance, cars, money, power, stoic self-control, and an air of not giving a fuck and I react to those perfect shapely thighs and the shiny hair, the silky skin and the signs of youth and air of invincibility that hot women have.

Am primitive.

So are you.