Am always saying how lousy other people are at maintaining meaningful relationships. But you know now, people are what they accuse others of. It’s me who doesn’t feel like maintaining relationships that do not get me either great sex or money. That’s about the most honest statement you will ever hear somebody make about themselves. Cause it’s not exactly a flattering conclusion. When it comes to relationships am quite similar to Adolf Hitler, Bernie Sanders, Steve Jobs… No goodies, no talkies.

The exception is that I am always open to listening to people’s problems. I would be tempted to say this is my altruistic streak, and that’s a part of it, but it’s also true that by listening and helping people I am continually learning about psychology which I can then use to get to either sex or money. Mostly money though, because hey, WAKE UP CALL, understanding women does not make them want to sleep with you. And why should they? When an unattractive woman has me all figured out I am also not suddenly dying to run my tongue over her clit. Far from it. (we should stop pretending women are so much different from men).

So in the picture you can see a voucher given to me by a young, beautiful woman. It’s very creative, it’s touching, it’s original. A lot of effort went into this. Clearly this lady finds it important to spend some time with me.

But since we’re not going to do the squelchy and since we are not going to partner up to make some dough and since we don’t play complicated boardgames together (my third reason to meet people) I just find it all a little bit frustrating and pointless. A fourth reason would be to practice my Slovak, but she tends to speak English.

So there. You can label that autism or some other ism or come up with some disorder, but it is what it is.

Am glad am figuring this out about myself, because I hate the feeling of reflecting back on a situation and concluding that it wasn’t a situation I enjoyed.