Unless am monetarily tied to them I have become quite open about not wanting to hang out with some people.

It’s merciful towards me and merciful towards them.

When people are just not a right fit for me and in no ways are compatible with my needs I just make it clear to them.

I tell them when they send me links to articles I don’t care about, I say no when they ask to meet and I tell them I have no energy to listen to their bullshit. Well, I do phrase it more diplomatically.

It’s liberating. At first it adds to your loneliness, but then it becomes energizing, because you are no longer putting your energy into people who are incapable of scratching you where it itches.

Look at this voucher. It’s an amazing gift. I am very grateful to have received it. I feel honored. However well intentioned it was I know the giver and me can mean virtually nothing to each other except as a source of discomfort.

Like wearing beautiful, really beautiful, shoes that don’t fit and make your toes bleed a little bit if you wear them.

Not all beautiful things are good for you. Just like this beautiful voucher.