There is a stringently enforced universal ban against bragging, so rest assured, this reflection is in no way meant as bragging.

Just me being the exhibitionist that I am and being overcome by the need to throw all my private thoughts online.

My best chances with women are with very intelligent women. Physicians for example. Lawyers. Professors. Women with positions at financial institutions.

The least intelligent woman I have ever slept with for more than a few times was still a nurse and a damn good one.

Women who don’t care too much about knowledge are usually not drawn to me. In fact, am totally unattractive to women who prefer to just scratch the surface of human life. These are happier people, so hey, good for them.

This already leaves me with only a tiny minority to choose from.

It gets worse.

Not all women in that pool will be attracted to me. So I don’t have a shot with every single one of them. So there go some more out the window and not into my bed.

I am also not attracted to every single one of them. And I will have to pass on some of the ones who do like me. And so the numbers keep shrinking.

If we look at a city with 500,000 inhabitants my opportunities will be reduced to probably less than 1,000.

I don’t display many traditionally masculine characteristics, so even though almost any woman will enjoy talking to me, not many will be attracted. Especially not in Slovakia where men are expected to male in an ancient traditional primitive kind of way. This does brutal damage to my chances in these parts of the globe. Even today a woman has called me ‘a woman in a male’s body.’ Am guessing because I enjoy talking to women and women enjoy talking to me. But the more interested you are in a woman’s thoughts and emotions the more rapidly you will get friend-zoned. This trait of mine is not helping me. It only helps me with the smart ones.

1,000 women sounds like a lot, but some of those will be in a relationship and not all of them can be lured into cheating.

A city is big and chances of running into one of those 1,000 are actually quite small. It’s not like am going to stalk hospitals or courtrooms or universities.

I do meet lots of women via my job, but then am still looking for a needle in a haystack.

Making things more complicated is that am not single and that am a father. This already disqualifies me in the eyes of probably the majority of this group of 1,000.

The fact that I do find some of them is nothing short of a miracle.

These are depressing statistics, but you gotta know the lay of the land before committing to battle.