At university we had a sort of formal dinner party at a professor’s home one Saturday night. He was not my professor, but the professor of my girlfriend at the time. He and his wife had invited us and five other students to his home. The point was to throw a dinner party to thank some students, including my girlfriend, for helping to organize a poetry contest. When we arrived there were already some people there. One was pretty much ancient and was introduced as the uncle of the professor’s wife. One was a foreign colleague who didn’t speak a word of Dutch, so most of the time he was pretty silent. The third one was introduced as the lover of both the professor and his wife. She was exactly 18. At least that’s what the professor said. ‘No worries guys, she turned 18 six months ago’. What a relief.

We were young and very timid and very impressed with our rather fancy surroundings. The lover was very bubbly and talked a lot. Probably to show to everyone what a savvy, experienced young lady she was.

Of course, no matter the topic we were all dying to know more about the peculiar relationship between the professor, his wife and their mutual lover.

This is not the weird thing though.

Everything went down fairly normally, apart from both the professor and the wife ocassionally kissing the lover on the lips and commenting on her pert breasts and trim body. This included pulling her thighs apart and treating all the guests to a beaver shot. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She seemed to enjoy all of this, but who knows?

We were all pretty much trying to just process what was happening without pissing any one enough. This was a man we admired after all. Even though he was not my professor I was pretty awe struck at the time. Dinner at a professor’s house!

The thing that left us speechless though was when the professor said he had something special in mind for dessert.

The wife said: ‘Oh, you will love this. It’s so funny when he does this!’

For dessert we would have hot dogs. That’s what the professor said.

He left and when he came back he had his penis in a bun. He was dressed, but you could clearly see his penis in the bun. He pranced around the dinner table like Charlie Chaplin.

The uncle, the wife, the lover and even the foreign colleague all thought this was hilarious and started laughing hysterically.

The only explanation we ever got was that one of the favorite writers of the professor had once done the same thing.

We all left rather hurriedly and awkwardly after this. My girlfriend had two more classes with him and then came the end of the academic year, so she never had to deal with him again. I never saw him or his wife again. I did ran into their lover at a club once. She was making out with a guy, so am guessing she was not being strictly monogamous in her relationship with the professor pair.

This is pretty much the weirdest thing I have ever seen at a party.

Can’t eat a hotdog without remembering it, but that’s ok, I was never that big of a fan anyway.

This is the craziest thing I have seen myself. It’s not the craziest thing I have heard talk about.