I had a long conversation about the online dating world with my single and rather warm-blooded sister in law the other day.

She claims that some women are adopting the male habit – if you can call it that – of sending out pics of their genitalia.

I found this hard to believe, so I asked a savvy male student of mine if this could really be a thing. He said he was certain it was, although he hasn’t been the recipient of any pussy pics so far.

Am all for people embracing their sexuality in any way they – and the people they interact with – find comfortable. I just find it hard to believe. Apparently I still have this obsolete idea of women as something akin to saintly beings who are above the earthly temptations of the flesh. I was raised as a Catholic after all, even though I don’t identify as one.

I am well aware that women – when circumstances are right – are all too willing to engage in risqué erotic acts. AND are more original about it than most men are, but sending pussy pics to strangers online?

I guess it’s the new frontier and the only thing that should surprise me about it is the fact that it surprises me.

The most arousing thing a woman has ever sent me wasn’t a muff shot by the way. It was a video of her legs as she was walking down the street.

The hottest women don’t need to undress to drive you utterly crazy.

But yes, vaginas are super beautiful so of course you can’t blame women for being proud of them.