A few years ago I discovered that if you always follow back you keep getting new followers. So I ended up with thousands of ‘followers’ who do not actually following me and probably aren’t even real people.

Then I made sure everything I post here automatically goes to Twitter.

Which is actually a really bad idea that only looks good on paper.

The titles of my blog posts are not meant as Twitter posts. But they do go there.

So this leads to zero engagement on Twitter. Every day again. It also never leads to traffic on this site. By now am invisible on Twitter due to years of no engagement.


Over at Twitter they decide that what I Tweet is not worth seeing, so by now Twitter’s system makes sure nobody gets to see what happens on my account.

I understand. I mean, I was super lazy and decided to just automate my Twitter feed.

I never engage with people on Twitter. Don’t really follow anyone there. Am basically just spamming Twitter to get them to my website without wanting to invest time in Twitter.

Of course that doesn’t work.

For Twitter success I would have to start over completely. Find a few like minded people. Actually engage with them. Write things purely intended as tweets. AND I would have to stick to one clear niche.

And what would it get me if I did that?

I can’t pay with Twitter retweets at the local supermarket…

The ego boost would be tasty though.

The rare times I go and check Twitter I see one example after the other of people hooked on the attention they are getting. These people then tweet multiple times a day. Making me wonder if they ever get anything done in between.

That could be me.

Hooked on Twitter attention and confusing Twitter retweets with tangible accomplishments.

Calling my followers my ‘twitter fam’. With fam standing for family.

That’s seriously fucked up. Considering your Twitter followers to be family.

Well, these people do spend more time thinking about their followers than their actual family members.

Zuzana has noticed something weird about me. So am kinda pissed at Twitter for not giving me attention, but when a platform does give me lots of attention I stop doing anything on that platform. Quora for example. Five million views if am not mistaken. Haven’t posted anything there in years.

My mind says: what a good thing I don’t waste time on Twitter.

My ever hungry and absurdly needy ego whines: but how juicy would it be to have hundreds of retweets every day?

The human existence..

It’s a wee bit challenging.