I sometimes think that if I had a monstercock I would be making porn videos at home.

I would find myself a sexy lady and together we would make porn. We would be fully in charge and we would make a lot of money. These days people prefer watching people having real sex than to watch ‘professional’ porn that is so obviously artificial, soulless and without intimacy. The lighting and the editing may be good though. But that doesn’t compensate for the lack of sparks.

When it comes to sexuality my creativity really gets into gear.

But I lack the tools of the trade to capitalize on it.

Sure, I could write porn stories. But that’s a frustrating procedure. You have to battle with your own horniness while writing. Even after the first sentence you already want to be doing it for real instead of writing about it. But maybe my desire to be financially free will win me over and I will give it a shot.

I think men watch big dicks in porn because – just like me – they want to be sure they are really filling up a woman and maximizing her pleasure through their dick.

It doesn’t matter that many women say it’s not about size.

We will never believe them.

I know this:

I would be happier with a giant monstercock between my legs.

It’s possible it would also have made me a giant asshole…

One does compensate in many ways when one feels lacking in the dick area.

Or it could have swung the other way and maybe I would have been even way more of the good person I am today.