It’s click bait.

It’s pure click bait.

Thanks to those ‘articles’ the hits this website got, went through the roof a few years ago.

Weird is that mostly intelligent heterosexual women seem to click on them and at the same time the worst kind of insecure males. This is rather surprising. When I wrote them I thought they would just get clicks of hordes of horny men.

In some of those articles I wrote the exact opposite of previous articles. The clicks kept coming. Anything with ‘Slovak women’ or ‘Slovak girls’ gets hits.

I don’t think the people who end up clicking on those articles because they googled ‘Slovak women’ realize that it says a lot about them. I mean, who does that? Am bored and horny, let’s google ‘Slovak women’. The women who end up reading them got to the website via other articles.

The articles do the trick: they get clicked on. Some people take them seriously. Hilarious.

That’s why I have started a satirical series with bogus dating tips concerning women of many different nationalities. It takes ten minutes to write those articles. Am always surprised that people google stuff like ‘slovak women first date’ or ‘best gift for slovak girls’. As if there is anything that all Slovak women have in common. They all need air and food to survive.

From time to time I make friends that way. These are almost always women who understand that those articles are just meant to be fun click bait and get in touch with me. To have more fun.

That’s been the best result of those articles.