‘This is going to happen here as well’, says my wife when I tell her what’s happened in Vienna.

Vienna is very close to Bratislava. You can get there by train in about an hour. Many Slovaks regularly travel to Austria to go shopping.

The other way around you will almost always hear German in the city centre of Bratislava if you spend a few hours walking around there.

I know a lot of Slovaks who are scared of islam. An attack so close to home like this will not ease that fear.

Even now we have Slovak friends who have long refused to accept jobs in Vienna because they don’t want to live in ‘multicultural shit’.

This is of course exactly the kind of reaction the terrorists are seeking. Divide people. Sow hatred. Make people think in terms of enemies.

These terrorists are criminals. They may identify as muslims, but then they have misinterpreted their religion. Most muslims are peace loving people. These terrorists are criminals with a perverse connection to religion.

Unfortunately these few rotten apples will encourage others to brand all muslims as sick and twisted individuals.

Am not a fan of any kind of organized religion. All too often it can and is used for the exact opposite of what these religions claim to stand for. My view of religion is the same as my view of drugs. Moderate use can help you get through some tough times, but if you become too dependent on it you will damage yourself and others. Making religion illegal would be a huge mistake. Just like making drugs illegal has been a huge mistake. Making something illegal makes it more dangerous. Illegal abortions will always kill more women than legal ones, for example.

Europe has blood on its hands when it comes to its relationship with muslims. The French are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Algerians for example. ISIS (the organization behind this attack) is a direct product of Europe and the US meddling in the Middle East to control the region’s natural resources. Iran’s islamist revolution goes back to the West’s illegal coup against Iran’s democratically elected leaders in the 1950’s. Bombing Libya was a mistake. It brought slave markets back to the country. Syria is in ruins. The west routinely tries to exploit the internal divisions of Islam: shiites vs sunni. This often leads to more violence and that violence spills over into Europe. The West also has a lot of blood, including that of many children, on its hands because of its unwavering support of genocidal Israel.

All this damage cannot be undone. It would take a radically different approach to stop guys from traditionally muslim countries from radicalizing. Helping those communities economically, stopping all regime change wars, stopping its support for Saudi Arabia and Israel.

As long as that doesn’t happen these attacks will continue.

My Slovak friends are right when they say the multicultural society has failed. Muslim culture and western culture are mostly incompatible and to try and co-exist has created many every day frustrations, not violence or crimes, just lots of frustrations because we are different, on both sides, despite the massive good will and energy from many individuals who would love to see the multicultural dream happen. The vast majority of muslims in Europe are peaceful and have absolutely zero intention to commit crimes like this. However, it’s also true that in the end they haven’t truly assimilated to European culture, no matter what the leftist parties like to claim. Our world views are different. Ideally we would love each other from a distance.

They are best off in their own countries. Just stop bombing them so they don’t have to run away and give them some economic aid so they don’t need to emigrate AND don’t fall into despair with radical islam to soothe them. Those who are here should of course not be deported or anything like that but be given the same economic opportunities as the rest of us and be encouraged to assimilate and at the very least not try to make us assimilate to them when they are here among us. That is the best antidote to any terrorist designs.

This attack in Vienna has an ironic historical ring to it since Vienna is where the Ottoman invasion of Europe was stopped back in 1683. See picture all the way below. From then on the Ottoman empire kept shrinking. Muslim power has been waning ever since. The West has exploited their lack of power and organization for centuries, creating the problems we see today.

And almost as if to prove I don’t have anything against any ethnicity I went to a Turkish kebab shop here in Bratislava. A Tuesday ritual.