When am teaching I don’t have them. Or am certainly not aware of them.

Then there is a break and I see someone wrote me something arousing and I immediately feel like I have a piece of metal in my pants.

Then I find myself with a super desireable woman and I feel it shrivel up. My heart pounding in my throat and no movement down there.

When I sleep with a woman for about about ten nights it stands and salutes the moment she comes to bed.

Then sometimes I have the hardest erection and I don’t have sex on my mind at all. Yes, that happens. And it’s so hard I start to wonder if this is really my penis.

It doesn’t depend on arousal, because, for example, let’s say one day I have three orgasms, sometimes it happens the third time I have the strongest erection.

Sometimes I cannot come with a banging boner and sometimes I can easily come with what does not even qualify as half an erection.

The worst is that it doesn’t do what I say, does not respond to my commands like my feet, legs, arms, hands, even my nostrils do.

It leads a life of its own and is so demanding that he runs me and I don’t run him, not most of the time, but a lot of the time.

Women have it easier in bed.