Ok, his pumped up military style self-help barrages are one other wave of motivation stuff that is supposed to help you be succesful within the narrow confines of the system. Yes, all that self-help stuff goes hand in hand with our increased individualism, the shattering of your identity as part of the working class. Yes, you are part of the 99 percent, and make no mistake about it, that’s the most important identity realization you can make. You are part of the 99 percent, you’re not the top elite, and if you want to change the world for the better in this economy obsessed world, you need to know your economic identity.

Having said that, BOOM, some of what this guy says really shakes you awake and gives you a kick in the ass.

We especially love how she says GOOD to any bad thing that might happen. Whatever happens to you there’s always an opportunity in it.

Didn’t get promoted?

GOOD. You have more time to train for more responsibility.

Your bike got stolen?


You can train yourself to walk faster.

Can’t make it on time for that exam?


An extra reason to focus harder when you arrive.

Did your boss yell at you?


You’ve just discovered more about what’s important to your boss, where his or her borders are.

Gained 20 pounds?


Excellent opportunity to figure out how the human body works and get rid of those 20 pounds.

Whatever happens, it is GOOD.

Watch it.

Take what’s good for it, but also pause a while to ask yourself: don’t we have enough of these motivation gurus already? Some of what these guys say might be helpful, but none of them talk about system change, not just individual change, and we are in desperate need of a very thorough debate on how we want to re-organize society, not just our individual lives. When you think about it, these gurus only think within the system and their advice is always aimed at getting you some very narrow definition of success within the current socio-economic climate.

In any society the dominant train of thought is made up of the ideas and the values that favor the elite.

Really think about that.

In any society the dominant train of thought is made up of the ideas and the values that favor the elite.

Call it trickle down value.

Trickle down economics is a myth, but trickle down values is real.

But hey, it’s a GOOD thing you are part of the 99.

Really gives you the motivation to think real hard about your position in society and what kind of society would work for all of us, not just the 0,1 percent…